London - Hackney Downs

Gavin Prentice
Responsable del Rusc

Welcome to Hackney Downs Food Assembly!

Every week you'll find great products direct from quality farms and producers:
vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy products, honey, jam, everyday staples and much more!

Buying from the assembly is a great way to get hold of quality products, support local businesses, and show your support for a different kind of food system.

Don't forget that we are always keen to hear your feedback about the products we already offer and any products that you would like us to offer in the future!

I look forward to seeing you soon!


Aquest Rusc està en procés de construcció

Aquest Rusc està en procés de construcció i obrirà les portes aviat. Inscriu-t'hi perquè t'informin de la propera venda.