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Healthy & Affordable

Health Foods Maker, Amsterdam
Healthy & Affordable
Interested by Vegetables, dried fruit & fruits in Noord-Holland? Theses products are sold by Healthy & Affordable in Assemblies.
IOTA Beetroot Powder
Dried Elongated Plantain
Plantain, Kaki, Pecans, Peanuts Dried Fruits & Nuts Mix
Saved Bananas, Pecans Dried Fruit & Nut Mix
Dried Plantain
IOTA Orange Powder

Coffee, tea and infusions

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Green Tea & Sri Lanka Peppermint
Dried Pineapple & Saved Black Tea

Condiments & preserves

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Dried Oyster Mushroom & Red Chili
IOTA Yellow Paprika Powder
IOTA Green Paprika Powder