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Artisan Smoker, Soap maker, Soap maker, Gorges
Virginie Dercourt
Virginie Dercourt started TJOSAVON in 2017. Their farm is located in Gorges, Picardie.

Their farm

Elevage de chevaux merens
Production de lait de jument et transformation en cosmétiques
Savons, Crèmes, Sticks à lèvres, Baumes

1 rue de l'église
80370 Gorges
Established in
full-time employee

TJOSAVON's professions and practices


2 animals

Chevaux merens

Breeding methods

The livestock is born on my farm

I rear my animals in open air


My animails have a diet based on grass or other fodder, My animals have a diet based on grain, I use of vitamins and dietary supplements for my animals, My animals have a diet based on processed food (granules, flour, pellets)

The food for my animals comes from a local farmer

I use feed with GMO ingredients

Care of livestock

I have a preventative care system

I use homeopathic care on my animals, I use vaccinations on my animals, I use an antibiotic-based care, I use essential oils on my animals

Processing and secondary ingredients

I don't process my products

Other ingredients : not specified

Origin of other ingredients : not specified

Features of the other ingredients : not specified

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