Provide a place and contribute to a fair food system!

Why providing a place?

Hosting a Hive is contributing to a fair and sunstainable food system by being part of a committed network of 700 assemblies, 5000 producers and 200 000 members.

It also represents many opportunities for your venue:

Have new customers

Your venue can become a new place for our members network. As an example, in France we count 25 purchases per week per Assembly.

Gain visibility

Since 2011, the Food Assembly is a pioneer in farm-to-fork online network. Our original and innovative model appeals to local and national press, radio and TV media.

Make your venue more lively

As consumers pay online before collection, coming to the Hive is dedicated to meeting and sharing time with Producers.

Pedagogy on eating well

Workshops, tastings, and activities are organized by the Host. Many additional animations for the regulars of your place!

Location conditions

It is essential that the site meets the maximum of the following criteria so the collection is carried out in good conditions.

  • At least 30 m² of space so that the Host and the Producers install their products and that the Members circulate easily.
  • 3 or 4 hours per week to allow time for the Host to prepare the space, welcome the Producers and the Members, and tidy up the place at the end of the distribution.
  • A sheltered and easily accessible space so that it works all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. A nearby car park is a plus, to unload the products and park easily.
  • A win-win system : The majority of the premises are lent to Hives free of charge, and the lent place gains in activity: visibility, dynamism and potential clientele.

What is a Hive?

A Hive is a community of consumers that allows you to buy local and seasonal products on a short circuit, at a fair price for the Producers.

Each week, the Host organizes the distribution of the products ordered on the site of the Food Assembly. Consumers and Producers then gather around a real ephemeral market. This is when the community needs to be welcomed in a place loaned for the occasion!

Take the leap!

Do you want to provide a place to a Hive?
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